Fall Decor.

I love fall for many reasons:
I figured it was time to put some fall-ish decor around the house since it is already November! I found this wreath at a yard sale for $1.

I bought some leaf paper shapes at Michaels for two dollars.

Traced and cut out a couple extra leaves shapes.

Got to painting! I used a paper bag to get some different texture because I didn't have a sponge.

I had a roll of hemp and wanted to incorporate that into the wreath. So, I put a little mod podge onto brown paper and wrapped it around carefully to make some hemp spirals.   

Like this. Once it dried I cut them out.

Very quick and easy.

Then, I busted out the hot glue gun.

And, here is our new door fall decor!

I used the extra leaves for some window decor. Hot glued the leaves to sticks, filled mason jars with dried fall goods, and tied a brown ribbon around the top.

Hope you are enjoying your fall!


  1. Yeah Beppie....this is so cool...I love what you did. Oh my oh my...the creative juices are flowing....Love it...so proud of you. You are an inspiration to me !!

  2. Awesome Beth!!! Sooo creative, modern and urban outfitteresk! Miss your beautiful face and even more beautiful heart!

  3. Aww, thank you both so much for the encouragement:) I had fun!

  4. Sister face! You are so creative!! I love it! I want to spend fall at your house!